The Art of A. Brice

Art is not all there is, but it is a defining feature.

A Brice, artist 

I have been an active artist all my life, and participate in group & solo exhibitions.  This list is merely highlights:

Taupo Medieval Faire 2015 (Event management and artwoks including banners for the event)

Ye Taupo Medieval Faire 2014 (Event management and artworks for the event)

Revamped Relics: 2006- 2010 an annual exhibition utilising upcycled materials, Tauranga, NZ.

Double Vision Exhibition, September 2009:

Artists and writers were partnered 'sight unseen' for the Double Vision project.  A Brice created a reciprocal response with writer Ross Doughty, see the result in the Double Vision exhibition at Creative Tauranga Community Art Gallery, Willow Street, Tauranga from 28 August to 11 September 2010.   Need more info? Go to the Tauranga Writers' website at:- 
A Brice has been blogged in connection with Double Vision:
Art for this artist is a compulsion, not merely the putting of paint onto canvas; it is the urge to create – to make something ‘extra’ to enhance life.
She’s an artist with formal training in the Fine Arts in the UK who now makes art happen in New Zealand. As A. Brice, Andria Brice Goodliffe has exhibited in Europe, America and New Zealand, and has work in private and public collections in these places. She has gained further experience through life and a continuing willingness to learn from likely and unlikely sources; this, she says, is sometimes mistaken for gullibility.

Andria at work in her studio.

“My art is a compulsion to create,” says Andria.
“Sometimes art is considered a frippery, something to be discarded when money is tight. In my reality, art is an integral part of life; I can survive without it, but my participation in artistic processes makes everything worthwhile. It is not ‘just’ having to pick up a paintbrush – my creative urge requires me to make art, craft costumes and wearable art creations.”
Many of her costuming creations tie in with Andria’s performance art – another strand of her creativity, which also happens to satisfy her need for intense physical activity.
She explains, “A lot depends on how you view my art – does it cease to be art if it is not on canvas? I frequently work in series, based on a theme. This theme may work its way out via a painting, print or be interpreted in costume for a specific performance.”
Some subjects have been a continuous theme. The moon often makes a showing – yes, in dance and costume as well as through paint. Andria confesses to a longstanding passion for cows and other beasts, and mostly these come out through paint, print or textiles, but sometimes they can influence an attitude in performance art or a colour harmony in a piece of wearable art.
“One beast that has always fascinated me is the Minotaur. How did he come into being, how did his parents relate, did they co-parent? Were there actually more siblings who managed to avoid the publicity?”
Recently Andria was one of the 12 artists cooperating with 12 Tauranga Writers on Double Vision: a Collusion Between the Verbal and the Visual.

Of Double Vision she says , "I found the concept intriguing – I can admire the skill of the wordsmith, even if sometimes the end result does not resonate for me. I found it a large challenge to be partnered with a writer – Ross Doughty, who was previously unknown to me, and the majority of whose writing is technically-based (fishing). To offer something thought-provoking was simple: to respond to a poem without resorting to illustrating it was thought-provoking in the extreme. Poems rarely resonate for me, and initially this was no exception.
“The preparation process to paint took longer than usual for me, and there were a few false starts, also unusual for me. When I did get engrossed in my paint process, it was disconcerting to get feedback that implied I was wrong for NOT illustrating the poem. That has now been resolved!” she laughs.
“To me, the Double Vision mission statement was clearly laid out by Tauranga Writers. My mission was to satisfy myself, the writer and the ‘vision’ behind the project.”

The 'Double Vision' exhibition was held at Creative Tauranga in September 15 2010.

 Much older:

NZ National Portrait Awards, 1998


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