The Art of A. Brice

Art is not all there is, but it is a defining feature.

Handmade crafts

Sometimes, I am compelled to create craft items (as opposed to Fine Art) - I enjoy this diversity.find out what I am currently selling:

Why should you buy handmade?

Because mass produced items can be yawn-inspiring, everyone has one of the same, they may be cheap, but they ARE cheap in aesthetics too.  Each handmade object has a story - which starts with its creator and extends to the buyer. Handmade items offer something to be treasured - value in the creation and in the choosing - it might be the story of a hand-pieced quilt made for a newborn or a hand-woven rug for a specific space in your home.  Thinking about the maker can be enjoyable and how their craft has touched your life in pleasant and comforting ways.  Ultimately it can be marvellous to feel that you have supported a local craft worker financially by paying fair market value for their work.  You can know your hard-earned cash is supporting an individual creator's work.  That is invaluable, to the craftist, even if these objects do cost more.

This is why I sell my own craft and also buy handmade from other crafters.